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Ferrum Audio - Wandla Golden Sound Edition

Der polnische Spezialist ist mit einer neuen Entwicklung am Start, dem Wandla Referenz Dac in der sog. Golden Sound Edition. Erhältlich ab Ende April/Anfang Mai.

New features of WANDLA GoldenSound Edition

WANDLA GoldenSound Edition came into being after the Ferrum team started an experiment of implementing new features into the software. The fruitful collab between our own talented workforce and Cameron Oatley from GoldenSound gave us some very interesting ideas to develop extra functionalities for SERCE, the beating heart of our coveted WANDLA, aptly dubbed The Converter. SERCE allowed us to experiment with its powers, thus creating extra settings to tailor the sound to the need of the individual. By reallocating SERCE’s computing power we were able to create a set of brand-new features in WANDLA GoldenSound Edition. Elevated digital headroom, Spatial Enhancement, Tube Mode and Impact +. We chose to keep the PCM untouched and bypass MQA processing altogether to get the best performance from the DSP engine. What is more, WANDLA GoldenSound Edition incorporates a new output voltage adjustment feature for better compatibility with a wider range of amplifiers.

Elevated digital headroom

Higher immunity to intersample overs even in bypass mode at full output level, allowing you to play back any music free from additional distortion, and enjoy a high-quality sound.

Spatial Enhancement

A unique spatial enhancement to provide an expanded soundstage and improved clarity of separation between musical elements, whilst avoiding the drawbacks commonly found in other approaches. It has two modes of operation: headphone and speaker mode tailored differently for different use cases.

Tube Mode

An intentional increase of the even-order harmonic distortion produced by the DAC, similar to the distortion added by a tube amplifier. This allows the user to enjoy a warmer, richer sound without directly changing the frequency response.

Impact +

For those who enjoy a little more low-end in their music listening experience. This feature uses a customized two-band EQ which not only elevates bass but provides additional 'punch' and dynamic impact as well.

New Voltage Adjustment

The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition benefits from a hardware level output voltage adjustment of standard WANDLA, allowing the user to swap between just below 10 Vrms output to a just below 4 Vrms output. This is facilitated via a dedicated hardware voltage divider, allowing the user to select lower output voltage and ensure compatibility with all amplifiers, without a need to use any digital volume control, or to have analog volume control components in the signal path.

We understand people are eager to audition WANDLA GoldenSound Edition for themselves. As an easter surprise we can tell you WANDLA GoldenSound Edition will become available in the USA, Asia and European markets in the second half of April for the suggested retail price of 3295 USD/EUR. It goes without saying the original WANDLA, we all got to love so much in appreciation of its outstanding performance, will remain leading, relevant and available for 2795 USD/EUR. We will provide further updates regarding WANDLA GoldenSound Edition as more information becomes available.

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