Ferrum Audio

Die wahrscheinlich beste, effektivste und optisch schönste Art, jegliches High End Equipment, wie z.B. Plattenspieler, Vorverstärker, CD Player, Dac, Streamer etc. auf ein neues Level zu hieven!

Der Clou? Die Anpassung geschieht automatisch zwischen 5 und 30V, die maximale Ausgangsspannung liegt bei 6A.

Nicht nur für alle Mytek Digital Geräte DAS one and only "MUST HAVE"!!!

Preis: Euro 995,-- !!!

Preis ab 01.01.2021: Euro 1195,-- !!!

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Ferrum Audio "HYPSOS" - Worlds best and effective high end made in Poland!


It is a hybrid power system and combines the best features of both, linear and switching power supplies!

HYPSOS defines a brand new category of a hifi products. It’s not a simple power supply but an audio component of its own – an equally (or even more) important part of a setup as any other. HYPSOS offers a selection of unique features and even accounts for future software improvements – the device is software controlled with as few hardware dependent elements as possible.

The most important features are:

Hybrid Power System 

Linear/switching hybrid design to get the advantages from both techniques - low ripple and noise as well as fast transient response and high efficiency.

Distinct user levels

Using pre-configured settings from the list of supported devices or setting custom parameters manually. Wide continuous ouput voltage range of 5-30V with up to 6A of current delivered to the load. HYPSOS is as universal a device as it gets.

Sweet Spot Tuning (SST) 

Possibility to fine tune the output voltage for the best sound. The voltage level can be safely adjusted on the fly to allow easy comparison testing.

4T Sensing Design (4TSD) 

Ensuring the exact voltage level precisely at the point of the powered device DC input terminal - special cable design and feedback to ensure flat voltage at every moment. This technique eliminates the harmful effects of the cable's resistance effectively improving transient response.

Advanced Automation 

Compatibility with Apple TV remote, Trigger in/out connector; possibility to automate power-up of the devices with standby mode even without dedicated trigger connection.

Extremely safe to use 

Automatic Transformer Voltage Adjust (ATVA), Electronic Output Voltage Polarity Switch and overvoltage, current limit and short protection. Settings lock to prevent accidental change of the parameters.

Detailed and revealing yet unfatiguing sound 

Makes your current audio setup perform to its potential. Tweak the sound modifying the voltage level on the fly and use the preferred combination of the 4-Terminal Sensing and Spread Spectrum Mode settings.

  • Power input:
    110-240Vac/50-60Hz (EU/US Version)
    90 – 110Vac/50-60Hz (JP Version)

    IEC C14 power inlet, a fuse holder with power on/off switch plus two-stage EMI filter for low impedance load with better noise attenuation in low frequency applications

  • Mains cable: US/EU/UK

  • DC OUT cable: 5×2.5mm DC plug / 5×2.1mm DC plug

    Custom cables made to order at additional cost

  • Output Voltage Range: 5-30 [V]

  • Max Continuous Output Current (for V_out below 10V): 6 [A]

  • Max Continuous Output Current (for V_out higher than 10V): l_out= 60[W] / DCout[V]

  • Max Continuous Output Power (for V_out below 10V): P_out = V_out[V] * 6[A]

  • Max Continuous Output Power (for V_out higher than 10V): 60W

  • Dimensions (without knob, feet and connectors) (W x D x H , mm / inches): 217.5 x 206.5 x 50.0 / 8.6 x 8.1 x 2.0

  • Net weight (kg / lb): ~ 2,8 / ~ 6.2

  • Primary winding fuse: IEC 5x20mm fuse, 3.15AT, 250V

  • Secondary winding fuse: Littelfuse 154004T, 4A

  • Power consumption (idle): TBD


Ferrum Audio "Oor" Referenz Kopfhörerverstärker


OOR will redefine the category of headphone amplifiers. OOR will drive any headphones effortlessly to the max of their potential, while preserving the essence of the music it amplifies. Ultra low distortion, zero fatigue, huge dynamics and unrivaled detail result in ultimate enjoyment. OOR actually makes something that is very difficult to accomplish, seem like the most natural thing on earth.

The most important features are:

Truly Balanced

The signal path stays truly balanced using the XLR inputs and becomes truly balanced using the RCA inputs.

Ease of use

only three knobs on the front panel to control the most important settings.

Ferrum Power Link

OOR performs very, very good right out of the box. But OOR is made to excel above and beyond when used together with HYPSOS. We use what we dubbed our Ferrum Power Link (FPL in short) to connect the two. HYPSOS then will perform to its maximum, unleashing unheard musicality from the combination with OOR.

Superior control

perfected steering of output transistors protect them and never let them turn off, therefore reducing distortion to inaudible levels and keeping them in a state where they can instantly unleash all their power, crucial for high dynamics, superlative control and authority in sound.

Enhanced transparency

The whole design is focussed on a balanced and very transparent sound signature, making listening fatigue something of the past.

Discrete design

The discrete power amp technology is developed in-house to achieve the best possible analog quality.

Gain (dB): balanced -4 dB, + 6dB, +16 dB / single ended -10 dB, 0 dB, 10 dB

Operation: Fully balanced, proprietary discrete power amp technology

Inputs: XLR, RCA, 2.5 mm DC connector centre positive, proprietary 4-pin DC connector

Outputs: Balanced 4-pin XLR, 6.35 mm jack

Frequency Response:  20 Hz – 100 kHz 0.1 dB

Output Power Single Ended: 400 mW into 300 Ω, 2 W into 60 Ω

Output Power Balanced: 1.600 mW into 300 Ω, 8 W into 60 Ω

THD + Noise: TBA

Input Impedance: 94 kΩ

Output Impedance Single Ended: 22 Ω on pre-amp

Output Impedance Balanced: 44 Ω on pre-amp

Output headphones Impedance: < 0.3 Ω

Power Consumption: Idle <15 W

Power Adapter: 100/240 V AC to 22-30 V DC

Dimension (W x D x H) (In/cm): 8.6 x 8.1 x 2.0 inch / 21.7 x 20.6 x 5 cm

Weight (kg/lbs): 1.8 kg / 3.97 LBS

Price: 1.995 EUR/USD